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    About Pucón    


Pucón is a city on the eastern shore of lake Villarrica, located 780 km south from Santiago and 100 km southeast from Temuco. The name Pucón is Mapudungun (the official language of the Mapuche people) for "entrance to the mountains". It is the major adventure tourist attraction within Chile's lake district, and offers endless outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, trout and salmon fishing, water skiing, hot water springs, breathtaking scenery (all year round), as well as skiing and snowboarding (in the winter). For those who wish to enjoy the local nightlife, there are great local restaurants and bars, microbreweries and a Casino for those who are feeling lucky.


Getting There

SIBI 2019 will be held at the Campus Pucón of Universidad de la Frontera, at Caupolicán 78, Pucon. There are different flight companies that can bring you from Santiago to Temuco, and them you can take a bus to Pucon. From other Chilean cities you can take a bus directly to Pucon.


A broad number of hotel options are available in Pucón, ranging from hostels and cabins to hotels.


We recommend staying at Enjoy Gran Hotel Pucón, located only a few blocks away from the venue. Lodging options at this hotel include double (two twin beds) or single rooms (one double bed) at a promotional price of $50.000 CLP plus taxes, breakfast included.


Reservations should be made and confirmed directly with the hotel staff, by sending an e-mail to with the following promotional code: ALOJ - CONGRESO SYMPOSIUM BIOINFOMATIC  ID 3138123


Tax exemptions may apply (non-residents only), and should be confirmed with hotel staff in the same e-mail.

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